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5 Healthy ways to get set for summer

5 Healthy ways to get set for summer


Summer gives us longer days, brighter evenings, freshly picked strawberries, alfresco dining and rose gardens. Who doesn’t love the Summer! Here are my top 5 tips to help you get set for this glorious season.


1. Hydrate for beautiful skin  


For glowing skin and abundant energy, plenty of fluids are essential! The body needs hydration to eliminate toxins via the bladder, colon, and skin. As well as water, adding a morning green juice is a great way to start the day feeling hydrated and energised. A vegetable juice will provide condensed nourishment from the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Try to make your juice fresh and drink within 15 minutes with ingredients like cucumber, celery, courgette, lettuce, fennel, lemon, lime and mint. For extra support, our Food-Grown® Skin Hair and Nails contains nutrients and botanicals to help protect the skin from oxidative damage and contribute to collagen production.

2. Eat summertime foods

The summertime produces some of the most wonderful foods such as strawberries, that are particularly rich in vitamin C, raspberries, apples, runner beans, fennel, cucumber, melon, rhubarb and rocket. Eating in season also ensures you are getting the best flavours and nutrition from your food and is environmentally friendly. Try to source organic or check with the farmer whether they use natural pesticides and fertilisers.

3. Exercise outside

What better way to enhance the benefits of exercising with an outdoor routine in the Summer months. Immersing ourselves in nature supports our mental health and physical wellbeing and is immensely stress relieving. We don’t need a scientific study to know that a brisk walk through the woods or cycling through the park is uplifting and healing for the soul.

4. Natural cosmetics and skincare

Our skin is an organ in itself and cannot be expected to look ravishing if we load it with synthetic substances. If you’re putting thought into the food you eat, why not extend this to your skincare routine, makeup and sunscreen. There are some truly luscious, affordable, naturally-derived, ethical products available from places such as Content Beauty and Wellbeing.

5. Supplement wisely

At Wild Nutrition we have a team of fully trained and experienced Nutritional Therapist's who are available on the phone and email to provide advice and guidance. Our nutrition line is open between 12.00 - 16.30, Monday - Friday and we are always happy to help with your questions about wellbeing and which Food-Grown® supplements would best suit your needs. You can contact us here.