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5 Nutrients to start the school year off well

5 Nutrients to start the school year off well


It’s that time of year again when children are heading back to school. Abundant energy, a strong immune system and sharp mental focus all rely on good nutrition which our children should get from the food they eat. Supplementation, however, can provide that extra peace of mind so you know they are getting what they need, especially if a child is a fussy eater. Here are my top 5 back to school nutrients.

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for their immune function so this should be a focus during the Autumn and Winter months when we see less sun. This may help to reduce their chance of missing school due to illness. Only 10 % of our vitamin D requirements come from food (such as fish and eggs) and the rest has to come via sunlight. Official recommendations state that all children should supplement through winter. Our Food-Grown® Vitamin D is always in the active form for easier usage by the body.

2. Omega 3

Omega 3 may support sharper mental focus and learning in the classroom, but it can be a challenge for some parents to encourage their children eat enough oily fish, like salmon and mackerel. If this is the case, an omega 3 supplement containing EPA and DHA can be very helpful.

3. Vitamin C

Apart from the obvious immune support, vitamin C has many other benefits including supporting their growth and dental health, their levels of physical activity and muscle repair after sports and PE. Vitamin C is also vital for energy production.

4. Probiotics

Probiotic bacteria covers the surface of our nine metre long digestive system and plays a vital role in your child’s winter defence system. Probiotics are a good support all year round but are especially important after illness or when other children or family members are ill around them. Probiotics can also be helpful when your child is going through a challenging period such as exams. Our Children's Multi Strain Biotic is a unique complex of 8 microbiotic strains in an easy-to-use powder. 

5. B vitamins

The spectrum of B vitamins support energy production and contribute to nervous system health. Vitamin B5 is needed for the metabolism of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA, which will help your child feel happy and contribute to their mental function.


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