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Henrietta's must haves for winter

Henrietta's must haves for winter


One commonality that we all share is that we are all cyclical beings. By this, I mean that our every day is influenced by cycles, whether this is the circadian cycle (our sleep-wake cycle), our menstrual cycle (in women) or the cycle of the seasons. This means that our physical, mental and emotional requirements can ebb and flow according to the time of the day, month or year.


It is no coincidence therefore that Mother Nature’s rich pickings vary throughout the year too and during the winter months her offering of antioxidant-dense fare may just be a bid to maximise our defences against winter ills - we just need to listen to her advice!
So as we transition into the deeper winter months of December and January, there are a few simple changes that I implement for the whole family at home to reflect our cyclical nature.

1. Sleep for longer


With more hours of darkness than light, our bedtime routine shifts to earlier nights and later wake-ups.


2. Eating times

The circadian rhythms influence digestion and so as the daylight makes way for darkness our digestive efficiency can change too. At home, we are eating earlier with the children to support this natural rhythm.  

3. Seasonal re-inforcement with supplements 


I've written many times before about seasonal changes to our supplement choices and during this time of the year, both Charlie and I and our older boys are supported by our Food-Grown® Immune Support. This deep acting combination of medicinal mushrooms, elderberry and vitamins C, D and zinc and selenium give us the reinforcement we need to stay well through the winter months. 


4. Build from the root up 


Root vegetables such as sweet potato and squashes are dense in minerals (the deeper rooted they are, the richer their trace mineral content) that promote the natural defences of the immune system and provide carotenoids, phytochemicals with a potent ability to repair the damage that can be caused the skin by the change in climate. 

5. Organic Rose Oil


The natural properties of rose oil make it a deeply nourishing oil to use on winter skin prone to dryness. I use this on my skin at night, as well as with my children for chapped lips or cheeks. It can be an excellent nourisher for dryer nails or even hair (moisturise the ends after a shower and leave on overnight). Rose petals can be used in the bath too.


Living with the rhythm of life's cycles remind us of our need to live with the flexibility to enhance our wellbeing. I hope you feel encouraged to embrace and listen to the seasonal change rather than fight against it.


If you'd like some more advice on which supplements to take this season, why not take advantage of a free 15-minute telephone consultation with one of our in-house expert Nutritional Therapists. Simply call on 01273 477898, or alternatively you can email enquiries@wildnutrition.com and book a callback.